Voice of the customer

“Life will turn around quickly!”

(Fukasawa building relationship between their 40s)

Become poor health from the stress of the job, in Psychosomatic Medicine, was diagnosed with depression.
3Was not was a hospital nearly a year, but improvement.
It is so much when I met heart pure art.
Go over the healing thing, also became a needed improvement in appetite, insomnia, medication, even gone, take back the emotions.
It is also able to laugh now, meet with hearts pure from.
Also for voice over jobs wanted in good condition despite not making recruitment company successfully over the ideal job.
Life and turn around quickly, and thank you sincerely would like to say.

“Healed by healing the good marital relationship”

(M-like housewife 30's)

I was made gap on the marital relationship with different values.
To cuddle against all their claims have not been.
Noticed and thought partner is to blame, receive healing, separation, mediation experience and very painful days, but frustration and anger is actually my childhood wounds caused by excess are reacting to that.
You can be healed by healing the wounds of the heart, forgive them, to appreciate.
Now that marital relationship is very happy and uneventful, just the way my husband to love.